The Quantum Leap Master Program

Are you looking for ways to accelerate your business by rapidly transforming your high potential engineers to powerful, effective and immediately contributing business leaders?

Are you moreover looking for leaders with the least amount and most effective time investment for you and for them? Stop searching. Go for the Quantum Leap Master Program. The ultimate senior executive challenge.

High potential engineers become great business leaders
High potential engineers become great business leaders

The Program

What makes the Quantum Leap program stand out

How do you spend your precious time as effectively as possible to grow your high potential people? And how do you make any personal development progress of your top talent sustainable? The Quantum Leap Master Program has been designed by senior executives for senior executives. It will help you to:


  • apply a simple and effective follow up system to monitor and direct the development of your best people
  • use the strengths of your best engineers to become better business leaders
  • apply innovative coaching methods to get a massive amount of impact on developing your best people, while using the least amount of your precious time
  • use the unique year long Master Class engagement to make any changes stick


Program in short:


  • Bootcamp

    Mindsets, strategies & techniques.
    External speakers & Relationship building.
    2x year - 2 days each

  • (Virtual) MasterMind

    Support & be supported through hot seats.
    1/2 day - monthly

  • Micro assignments

    Small assignments to build high performance
    habits - weekly

  • Accountability calls

    Peer to peer accountability calls
    weekly - 1/2 hour

  • Coaching

    Personal coaching.
    Unlimited email access to faculty. 
    Weekly fixed timeslots. 

  • Progress report

    Executive involvement