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The razor's edge and successfull people

Some decades ago, while studying race horse performance, a group of scientists stumbled upon a fascinating discovery: in the long run, the number 1 race horse earned up to ten times more in prize money than the number 2 race horse. However, the number one race horse was less than 3 percent faster than number two. They called this strange phenomenon the razor’s edge, a small, yet consistent advantage, which can result in a massive, exponential positive effect on performance and success. What we know now is that the razor’s edge is not limited to horse racing, but is equally valid for modern businesses and professionals.


Stay in the top

Look for quantum career laps

To become Preeminent

We are fascinated, drawn to and constantly looking for the razor’s edge. We have turned this obsession into our business. As trained engineers, serial entrepreneurs and experienced mentors this is our calling and passion. We are therefore dedicated to help high potential engineers to thrive by engineering their own razor’s edge: to become Preeminent and stand out in their field of business or their profession like a tall giraffe, surrounded by tiny field mice. This makes us experts in achieving business and professional success in the easiest, fastest and most elegant way possible. If you are committed to become part of and stay in the top of your business field, look for quantum career leaps for your best people and look for new ways to help your best and brightest to massively add value to your organization, then the Escape Velocity program will give you something which has been experienced by many of our clients: an almost unfair advantage.

Do things slightly different

Here is a little truth: wildly successful people and organizations do not know much more than others. They also do not necessarily work longer hours than others. They only do a few things slightly different, with a few small advantages in certain key areas, which are systematically, consistently and relentlessly leveraged. They have a razor’s edge that carves a significant chasm between a business that prospers beyond imagination and a business that struggles to survive. If you improve by 1% every day, you will be twice as good after 70 days.