Who will benefit most from the Master Program?

Successful engineers, with approximately 5-10 years of experience, looking for proven ways to quickly accelerate their careers and move to business leadership.Senior executives, who are looking for ways to rapidly develop their successful engineers to help them to achieve their business goals, while at the same time using their own precious time time in the most effective way possible.

Why focus on engineers?

We believe that engineers have unique personal and authentic strengths, that, if developed well, will be a massive asset to any corporation which has serious ambitions. For engineers, from engineers.

How do you select participants?

We select participants based on drive, ambition and immediate applicability of the learnings in their own environment. We are looking for exponential results through highly qualified people.



Where will the Master Programs take place?

The European edition will be held in Barcelona. The details of the US and Asian editions will be announced later this year.

What is the difference with other high-end development programs?

A short time, with an effective dose of learning for maximum effect, full year immersion, immediately applicable learnings and creating a lasting success environment are the key ingredients to make this program massively successful.

What is a 'success environment'?

A safe space with trusted peers and program faculty mentors, where rapid learning takes place. Members will help you and you have the opportunity to help others.

I would love to join. How can I convince my boss?

This program is an investment with a significant return. We would be happy to touch base with your boss to discuss why this is the case and how this approach will help him or her in the best way possible.