The Program

What makes the Quantum Leap Master Program stand out

  • A life time lasting framework to continue building their own leadership skills, to work on themselves and initiate change which lasts.
  • An innovative success environment.
  • An exclusively program catering to high potential engineers.
  • Effective support to senior executives in coaching their talents.
  • One year full immersion to accelerate development with immediately applicable ideas.

Unique experience to accelerate

  • Our Escape Velocity program has been especially designed to accelerate careers of high potential engineers. This program is build to have maximum connection to engineers. Therefore our faculty only consists of highly successful engineers in various fields of the business.

  • We only focus on growing the unique set of strengths, as typically demonstrated by trained engineers

  • Our faculty consists of engineers, who have shown uncanny business acumen, achieved excellence in their field and have the passion to bring this knowledge to the next generation of leaders

  • We provide a full year immersion experience, including two bootcamps, monthly Masterminds, weekly accountability calls, weekly micro action, ad-hoc individual coaching and unlimited access to the best and brightest engineering minds in business

  • Since we focus on immediate business improvements, organizations will immediately benefit from their participants’ learnings. Things like increased business growth, improved profitability and accelerated innovation will be immediate and significant.

  • We provide a full year of intense support and coaching, making it not only highly effective, but also way more cost effective versus sending a young professional to a 2, 3 or 4 week course. We provide a unique learning experience with only 4 days out of the office.

Focus on the few things that truly matter to support the really important strategic business goals
Focus on the few things that truly matter to support the really important strategic business goals

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